You Need To Up Your Image Game On Twitter

Twitter has never really been a destination for seeing pictures of the sunset or what your friends ate for lunch. They left that to Facebook and Instagram and stuck to what they were good at – text and links. That is, until now. With Twitter’s latest updates images are about to play a much bigger role.

Here are a few key areas where you’ll need to up your image game on Twitter:

  1. Your Profile Page – for starters your profile pic is going to be much bigger in the new twitter. Don’t worry though, they’ll resize your old one for you. The big change is the full width header image. Use this 1500x500px space to make an impact and a great first impression. Twitter has some preloaded images you can choose from, like so… kaylibarth twitter profile header imageOr you can consider using the space as an advertisement or to make a statement about your brand like Jay Baer did here.JayBaer Twitter Profile Header ImageWhatever type of image you choose to go with, make sure it has a high enough resolution to look good. You don’t want a shotty looking stretched out header image to be the first thing someone sees when they visit your profile.
  2. In Your Tweets – Photos and videos now appear in your feed, not as links but as full images! This is great news for brands with a lot of visual content. You can start using this feature right away to stand out from the sea of text.twitter feed images
  3. With Website Cards – Twitter just began rolling out Website Cards – a new ad unit that allows you to feature a preview image, related context, and a clear call to action in your twitter ads. In their early experiments participating brands saw an increase in clickthrough rates and engagement. Twitter Website Cards

Focus on adding high quality, engaging images in these areas to seriously up your twitter interaction and presence.

What do you think of Twitter’s shift to more visual content?


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